The Game was uploaded for WebGL but we'd recommend to play the WIN or Linux build.

Dive into a story of a wizard who saved our planet from total destruction. When the oracle prophesied of dire times, the "soon to be world savior" is commissioned to take on the evil. The fight to the top of the crust begins.
Fight from (level) to (level) and against many enemies, collecting their items will help you to survive.
Learn mighty spells or use your bare hands to kill enemies!
Do not worry, if you run out of mana, you'll also find weapons in Wizard of bOz's dungeons, which you can use to defeat anyone who puts himself into your way.
A battle against time and a race versus the doom of earth and humanity begins.

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Project Details

Project Story

It all began with the TerminalJam coming up at itch.io - It said you shall develop a game within 1 month and only use ASCII-Chars. No need to mention that our first idea was to craft a beautiful terminal based Adventure/RPG.