SAGASM was a german platform for journalism. It had it's main focus on technology and gaming but it was open for all topics and varieties of journalism. It had text-based articles (blog posts) that were published in a newspaper, audio articles that aired on the radio and even video-based articles that were shown on a regional television channel in Germany.

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Project Details

  • Client: Bavarian Government
  • Date: 2012 - 2016

Project Story

SAGASM actually started in 2012 as a project from the bavarian government (see the picture above). Back then it was called "Du bist Journalismus" (you are journalism). It's purpose was to ensure that want-to-be journalists could come in contact with people who are doing that for living, doesn't matter which media-type they use (audio, text, video, ...). The Project was a total success and everyone liked it. It was about 2013 were the bavarian government started to censor game reviews for PG18 games, so we decided to build a basic copy called SAGASM and leave the government with the product that no-one wanted, which they still own today but they took it offline because the community switched to SAGASM.