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We're just having fun

We use this platform to create content we enjoy to create but hopefuly, also content you enjoy to consume.


Our motto is #YOLO

We started out having #GILF as our life motto. It was pretty Great, that I lived forever, but pretty damn fast we had to start asking the real questions. So we changed our motto to #MILF which of cours stands for "Maybe, I live forever". In the process of growing up we realized that this was totaly wrong. So after all the effort and hard work we put into this, we finaly found the right answer and changed our motto to #YOLO

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Our Services

We plan, design, build and market high quality products

Responsive Design

In 2017 everyone has a smartphone and we know, that it comes first! That's why all the websites we design are responsive

Brand Identity

One of the most important things is to connect your brand with your product. So it's crucial to have a stable and clear sense of what you're doing and why you're doing it

Game Development

We are highly motivated about creating things and one of the greatest channels to make quality content in terms of software, art, sound, linguistic, mechanics and much more are certainly games

Creative Theme

Creating something different from the rest is a key factor, that's why our team is packed with visionaries and inventors

Public Relation

Public Relation and a long-term plan to build up your community is essential. You can only fulfill the needs of the community if you are a part of it

Business Solution

You created a beautiful product and built up a great community ... Now it comes to finding the best way to earn profit and getting your product into the hands of the people

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Some cool facts about our company
Percent less fish mutated because we don't use nuclear energy
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